What we focus our minds on, matters. Fear can perpetuate itself in our lives
through these avenues. Courage over fear, or fear over courage, you choose.
Thoughts Mt 6 When you think about fear based words, when you ponder on
them and ...



Courage over fear, though succinctly written, yet a seemingly timely work put together to address the position of the Christian in the wake of the recently declared global pandemic. The book answers the question of whether the believer has no choice but to cower and be ladened with fear, as the world is been bombarded constantly with negative news through the airwaves. Courage over fear takes the reader on a journey of discovery. Why is fear not the will of God?. Over thirty reasons are tabled by the author to counter the lies and deception of the enemy. The origin of fear is exposed, and the impact that fear has had over mankind throughout the ages is also discussed. The matter of how fear comes is explored. The author also mentions a few examples out of over a hundred known and documented different types of phobias that some people suffer from. Finally, the author takes you on the road to discovering the victory that God has given His people in Christ Jesus. You are encouraged and advised to have your bible with you as you read. And as you read, may the eyes of your understanding be opened, and peradventure you have been battling with fear, may you be set free and may you be used by God to set others free in Jesus' Name.

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